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Hello everybody!

So its SUNDAY! and you know what that means! Sunday Funday. Sunday is the day I post. So, here I am at uni. Almost everyone is gone and yet, I’m still here. I won’t be leaving until wednesday morning. Its Easter break and I had plans for the weekend, but they fell through. Of course. So wednesday I’ll be leaving for Swansea. Which is a huge city in Wales. And I will be meeting up with some great friends and going out to celebrate. It’s Taylor’s birthday so, he’s coming to Swansea and we’re all going to celebrate. It’ll be me, Ryan, Kayley, Hannah, Seb, Taylor and Rhinnanon. I’m stoked because Swansea is supposed to be prime for a night out. And Swansea has the closes Primark. For those Americans reading, Primark is somewhat like forever 21 but BETTER! Its good quality clothes for cheap. And I need stuff like shorts and sneakers for traveling. Keep your fingers crossed that my check comes in time so I can have a great night out and go shopping! I also want to get a tattoo when I’m here in Wales. I’d love to have it done it carmarthen as thats where I’m spending most of my time. I want it to say Utsukushi Tomodachi. Now, you’re probably wondering what that means. It means beautiful friendship in Japanese. Its written in Romaji, which is english letters and the japanese word. Now you’re probably wondering how I know this. Well, it just so happens I spent three weeks in Japan and can read and speak some Japanese. oh, by the way, it means beautiful friendship. Its for all the people I’ve met along the way. I’m a strong believer that a person has many families. I have my family back home, my mum, stepdad, brother, etc. But then I have my Japanese host family, my host mum, dad and brother. I have my camp family, my colombian family and last but not least, my uni family. So this is for them. For every person I’ve met along the way thats made their way into my heart. This is for you. And I’ve been thinking about it for almost 3 years now, so why not NOW. While I’m here in Japan. With some people that have so quickly made it into my heart. But this week, not much has happened. Its been boring. Just getting ready for traveling. Just a recap, here are my travel plans:

Swansea -> Lancaster -> York -> Edinburgh (Scotland) -> Canterbury -> PARIS!!!

Friday night we went out and it was so nice! Having the entire gang in the house drinking, boozing, having fun. So we were playing Kings and I drew the deadliest card of all. I had to drink the dirty pint. Everyone pours their drink in and its completely rank. So I downed it all. And then everyone clapped for me, and I called them all C**nts. Lovingly of course. For the Americans reading, its much more common here. Although I NEVER say it unless I am EXTREMELY angry or have been drinking. and then I mooned the group. Take that bitches. So I went to the union and it was really fun. I concocted this outfit for the night. I had a really low cut leotard, so I put a black strapless bra on underneath and pulled a skirt on. It looked nice, but this one girl came up to me, in a drunken state and was like, ‘your bra is showing’. ‘No shit you dumb bitch! Thats why I wore it.’ And then I met up with a friend and he bought me a drink. And we danced for a bit and left. And now I have a massive hickey on my neck and it hurts. It feels like he took a bite out of my neck. Bit U digress. So here I am, its Sunday evening, the sun has finally come out, its finally warming up and its finally starting to feel like spring. We have daylight saving time here as well but its different than back home. So last night our clocks were turned ahead and now we’re five hours ahead again. Which kind of sucks because it was a bit nice not being so far away time wise from the motherland. 

Thats all for now, folks. Expect a lot more and exciting posts when I start traveling. 

Til we meet again.



Usually I give an update every sunday but that wasnt much of one, so here it is!-

Thursday night- boring, as usual. Thursdays are quiet. I watch movies til the early hours. next.

Friday! I went out with my friends, drank a lot. A whole bottle. I spent two pounds at the union. two pounds. And that was just to get in. Thank goodness for these things called Boobs. They really can do many things if you use them right. The night was great, a lot of dancing, a lot of fun. At the end of the night, I was walking back and I stopped into a neighboring house for a bit and talked to two guys. One was nice, the other; kind of a dick. I’m sure hes not too bad once you get to know him, and he was drunk, but that night, he was a bit of a douche. So I took the nice guy back to my place. la-dee-da. Usually I kick guys out or if Im at their place I’ll leave, but this guy didnt. Okay…

He slept in my bed, which, like I dont miiiind, but its a twin bed and I’m kind of a fan of sleeping alone. Like im not a cuddler. Shocker right. It was just a bit of an inconvience, and I dont know, I feel like a person (including myself) should ask, like do you mind if I spend the night. I probably would have said yes anyways just to be polite, but still. I’m a man, essentially. very territorial. Anyways, I spent the day in bed, watching movies and hanging out. Then I walked to a friends place to return her hair dryer and hair spray. I went to the post and got my package from Japan! Yay! (I have a lot of friends in Japan and one of them sent me a care package!) so I had some Japanese sweets which reminded me of my three week stay there. I miss it so much. I walked down to Tescos with him and another friend and bought some groceries for dinner. I was alone in the house so I cooked, fooled around and enjoyed doing my own thing. Sunday, I really just laid in bed and worked on a paper. 

So, I’ve always had sleep troubles. I used to sleep walk; sometimes I still do. I sleep talk, occasionally get night terrors, and the worst of them all, I have insomnia. Sometimes it isnt bad, sometimes its bloody awful. Which its been for a while. Sunday night I didnt sleep at all, so I spent the day in bed working on a paper. Today, I fell asleep at 7AM. I went to bed at 1. which I do every singly night. I was so exhausted. And If I dont sleep, I get sick. Like really sick. Like throwing up and cant eat and then I get dehydrated because ive been throwing up, kind of sick. its awful. The only thing I can do is sleep, and I still feel miserable. And its awful because its getting harder and harder to wake up and go to class, and pay attention in that class! Here, I’m only taking a class a day with fridays off, so its not too bad. But back home, I take seven classes with several classes a day, I work and play sports so if I dont sleep, I’m in real trouble. The other night I slept for four hours after coming home a bit drunk and it felt like I had slept for a year. Four hours. Thats how bad it is at this point. It’s extremely frustrating and stressful. I hate it so much, and the worst part is, no one sympathizes because we live in a world where sleep doesnt matter anymore. Like its not important any more. I dont know about you, but I cant function without sleep, I truly cant. I can function with little sleep but not no sleep. Like if I explain to a teacher or peer how bad it is, they think I’m just being lazy. Oh, God, please help me. 

I’m just about done, but question for all you out there:

I went to a party and took selfies with some friends and some guys. One of the pics is of me and a guy I had a one night stand with. I really like the way I look in the photo, which is why I set it as my profile picture on facebook. I took it down because I wasnt sure if that was creepy or not, but in all seriousness, does that come off as creepy? I just like the way I look in the photo. I think I look pretty. 

Anyways, as always –  til next time

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
–T.S. Eliot

The truth, in all its glory. I’ve always been a happy person. I’ve always made the best out of every situation. I always knew I was meant to travel. I always asked my mum for the Barbies of different countries rather than Malibu barbie or bakery barbie. I always knew I wanted to explore the great beyond of what lay beyond. And now that I’ve spent almost three months in a different country I can’t imagine leaving. My term at the University of Wales ends in just eight short weeks. I know that seems like a lot but we have a four week spring break in between. I have four more weeks with the people I now can’t imagine life without. These people have accepted me from day one and have become my family in every single way since. I cannot imagine not seeing their faces every single day. I am in love with who I am, who they are and who we are. I feel alive with them. I feel like a better version of myself. Like I’m on my way to destiny. Cheesy, right, but true. For anyone who has studied abroad or who will study abroad, there is a thing called re-entry shock. Its the shock that happens to a person after being away for so long. The shock was bad when I came back for Japan. It lasted for about two to three weeks. I was in Japan for three weeks. By the time I return home I will have spent five and a half months abroad. All I know is I want to get back here as soon as I can. I dont feel like I belong in America. I belong here. If I could stay here forever I would. University of Wales doesnt have a law program. I would be all over it if it did. But it doesnt. I believe God has a plan and I believe in fate so maybe theres a reason why theres no law program here. I just wish there were. All I’m thinking is please dont make me go home. Please dont make me go home. Honestly it wouldnt bother me if I knew I was coming back at the end of the summer but I know I’m not. I just found out that theres a university in Cardiff (Capital of Wales) that has a law undergrad and graduate program in law. Maybe I’ll either transfer or get my grad degree here. Honestly, I think I’d be better if I got my grad degree here, but hey, anythings possible.It just makes me happy that theres a chance that I can come back to the place I learned to call home. The place I love. Everything does happen for a reason. 

I have about 20 minutes to kill before class starts. 

Usually I post on Sundays but a lot has happened in the past couple days. I last left off on Monday coming back from Funky Pump.

Everyone has been stressing out about finding a house to live in so its been a bit tense. I’ve been stressing over spring break plans, but I think I’ve finally got it sorted. Thank God. I’ll be going to Bristol, Swansea, London, Luton, Canterbury, Lancaster, York, Edinburgh and Paris! I’m so excited to spend Easter in Paris. it was so stressful getting all my plans together between buying tickets and making plans, and going places. But yes its done. So I take birth control. I take it because of my hormones, they make my menstrual cycle a living nightmare. Literally. Its a crime scene in my pants. But the problem I have is when I take it, it makes me very depressed and I cry a lot. Which is highly abnormal for me because I am NOT a crier. I’m not. I never have been and I never will be. I’m a suck it up and keep going type of girl. But when I take my pill it just make me depressed for no reason. It makes every little problem which would never bother me into a huge one that I cant deal with. So my friends were going on about a house party and my friend, Adams last night because he just turned 22 and he wanted to celebrate. I honestly wasnt going to go out. I just didnt feel up for it. But I went to my friends room and had a vent sesh with a bunch of the girls. I felt a lot better afterwards and finally got my plans sorted. So I put on my dancing shoes and went out.  We went to his and anybody who was anybody was there. It was great. I met a lot of cool new people and talked to a lot of cute guys. We left Adams to go to the Union and I walked back with a guy. (Name will be withheld) We chatted a lot and he bought me some drinks at the union. Long story short, I have a massive hickey on my neck. And I’m pretty hungover today. But you know, stories arent told about the nights we stayed in. 

Today is the day we live. 

weekly update!

Usually I try to write on Sundays but Mondays aren’t too bad. 

So this past week:

I always go to Funky Pump on Mondays. Its INTENSE. Its an hour straight circuit workout. Its High intensity interval training. its tough but amazing. I’ve been doing it for about 5 weeks now and I feel amazing. I feel myself getting stronger. It costs 4 pounds but its so worth it. The last 2 times i’ve been i’ve been a little ill. It stinks, but hopefully it will get better. Tuesdays I go to Water Polo. I LOVE it. I was a little sore from Funky Pump last week so it didnt go as well as I wanted but it was still really fun. I get so into it. I’m so competitive and very aggressive. The guys there are really cool and nice too. I like it a lot. wednesdays I go to the gym or do yoga. Same for Thursdays. FRIDAY! Fridays, my friends and I go out to the union. We dress up, put some lipstick on and dance til the sun comes up. I bring a flask with me and push my boobies up really high so that guys will buy me drinks. So far so good. this past friday, I looked and felt really good. My boobs and body looked great. I went to the bar to buy a drink and this one guy says, I would buy you a drink but I dont find you attractive. I called him an asshole, slapped him and walked away. I dont know how much time passed, but he came up to me and said, I think you misunderstood me, at the bar I said you are absolutely beautiful. -or something like that. (I was pretty drunk…) I dont remember what happened or how it happened, but we went back to mine…

Saturday, I laid around in bed all day. I made noodles and hung out with friends. Then I went inside and made tuna casserole. YUM! Some of my friends, we had a fire outside. I hung around for a bit then I went to visit some other friends. I wasnt feeling to well (I think the tuna I used wasnt very good) and I went back to my room and went to bed. Sunday I did the same thing, just hung around and watched movies. Today (Monday) I went to class and talked to some cool guys that I had never talked to before. We chatted and class ended and I left. I came back to my room and ate some tuna casserole (Which is probably why I didnt feel well at funky pump tonight) and took a much needed nap. I went to the canteen to get takeaway dinner for after my workout and chatted with friends. It was nice to see them. After my workout, I ate delicious take away and had some ice cream. That was my week. exciting I know.

Now I’m planning my spring break!

Til next time

Quick Catch up

This wednesday it will be 9 weeks since I arrived in London and 7 weeks since I arrived in Wales!

Here’s a bit of whats happened:

Friday night (24.1.2014) I had a proper night out in the union with friends. I met some new people, Franklin and Louvi. They’re really cool and nice. I still hang out with them. We go to Funky Pump together (I’ll explain later.) The next day, Saturday, We went to a castle and explored for a bit. Franklin and I walked back to campus and I had a much needed nap to recover from the night before. That night, I hung out with some friends, we drank, ate and ended up going to a club. Jon and I were the last to leave, we got pizza and went back. Jon left his keys so he slept on the floor in my room.

Adjusting to uni life has been pretty easy. I love it a lot. I finally made a schedule of classes I enjoy and I’m getting the hang of things. We go out every friday night and almost every wednesday. Wednesday are theme nights. We’ve had themes like pirates, 90’s, lord of the rings, etc. I went out for Refreshbook with is like facebook but of going out. So you buy a tee shirt and you write on it your name, age, relationship status, birthday and a status. Here’s mine:

Name: Madds Age: 21 Relationship: Single Birthday: 15.10 Status: Ask me how I feel about gun control 😉

I ended up going back with a guy from the community where I live. First of all, the flat he lives in is a mess. Yuck. We were kissing, and it was nice, but it just got too much for me, so I had to leave. Which I still feel bad about but sometimes I just can’t handle emotions like that,

We went out that friday as well, my friends and I. We always have a lot of fun at the union.

I have a lot of sayings I use, like ‘Listen…’, ‘Ya little shit…’, ‘You had one job’ and all my friends here have started using them. I love it.

One night at the union, I dont remember much. I think because I mixed my drinks. But I woke up in my friends room. With no knickers on. We didnt do the dance with no pants but close. I dont believe in regret but I shouldnt have done it. The person I was with is such a great friend, I feel as if its been jeopardized. To make matters worse, I went back to his again a different night out. We just talked and cuddled, but I told him too much about myself. And if you know me, you know theres just some things I dont talk about. I hate it when people know these things. It changes everything. Its nice to have someone to rely on but at the same time, I hate being this vulnerable. Hopefully things will get better before I leave.

Deny it all you want, but if you study abroad, you will gain weight. Its inevitable. Things are different here. I pretty much feed myself. I cant afford to buy fresh produce and groceries every week. I buy what I can afford; noodles and premade meals. I’ve gained some weight. But I go to the gym, I do funky pump, which is really intense circuit training for an hour, water polo and I walk every where I go. We’ve gotten into the habit of playing manhunt regularly and I’m telling you, it is so much fun! We run around like kids and hide and look for others and I swear its so much fun.

Over here I live in a house…sort of. We call it a house but its like a very small apartment building. I have my room, the bathrooms and kitchen are communal. Theres 8 girls in our house. I love it. Some of my stuff has gone missing and that really irks me but other than that, I love it here.

Lastly, I should be getting a loan in soon. Hopefully, fingers crosses. So If I have enough, I think I want to do a tour of Europe before I leave to go home. I’m talking Austria, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Germany. Keep your fingers crossed.

Til next time. Madds out