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Drinking in different countries

Welcome. Its five o’clock somewhere. This post is all about drinking. Remember, it is illegal to consume alcohol if you are underage. But I’m not your mom. You do you.

Drinking is an art form. To drink well and cheaply; its not easy. But we love our nights out. If you go out, you WILL have to spend money. It might not be a lot but you will still be spending it. If you’re saving for a car or for a trip or in general, try not to go out too often. It is draining on your bank account (and liver). But you work hard, so let your hair down (for all the ladies and sometimes men) and have a much deserved night out. (Note: a much deserved night out is not every weekend.)

Drinking ages are different in every country. In America its 21, in Canada its 19, Japan 20, England 18, Germany 16. If you are traveling to a country and you are under the drinking age and you want to drink, be careful. You are underage, in a different country. Their laws are different there. Police officers may not let you off with a warning if you’re caught. Live your life (just be careful). Secondly, know your limits. I know sometimes you just want to get DRUUUUUUNK and rage but honestly, I speak from my own experiences and watching others when I say its not a good idea. First of all, getting wasted to the point of getting sick and stumbling and blacking out; its not cute. Nobody wants to be around that. No one wants to play mommy or daddy when youre drunk and no one is interested in dating someone who cant hold their liquor. You wont be any fun if youre constantly being taken care of. If you are drinking in a different country, be careful what and how much you drink. You are in a foreign country, Youre not at home out with the squad. You have to be careful. Especially if you dont know the people youre partying with too well. You could get lost, you might not remember where your hostel is. Its dangerous. Getting shitfaced just allows for preventable accidents to occur. Go out, drink, get tipsy, but just remember not to get too drunk. We all have our drunk personalities. Some good, some bad. Know what your drunk personality is and if youre a mean drunk, be careful . Theres nothing worse than burning bridges and not having a clue why the next morning. Also, be careful if youre a slutty drunk. That creepy guy with the catepillar lip might seem like a good idea after six tequila shots but you dont know where its been. if you want to go out and have a one night stand, go ahead. live your life, you do you. However, be careful. Use protection. Birth control protects against pregnancy but not STD’s. use a condom. Be careful about who you go home with. No one wants to end up in the trunk of a car. Seriously, thats sketchy stuff. Also, watch your drink! True story, I saw a friend of mine put something in my other friends drink. I did everything but flip the table over. Turns out it was just a cigarette butt and I was several drinks in. But the point is, he didnt notice anything in his drink. So its easy to miss if your drinks been spiked. Watch the bartender make it. Get it directly from them. Never accept a drink from anyone except for a trusted friend (even then!). Girls, I know what youre thinking. We use the two gifts God gave us to get guys to buy us drinks. By all means, use what your momma gave you but stay at the bar. Flirt with some guys, ask them to buy you a drink, watch the bartender make it. Then you can leave. If you go to the bathroom, take your drink with you or get another one. Lastly, go have fun. Going out is about being young and stupid. Making mistakes so we know better in the future. Everyone gets drunk and sick and everyone does dumb shit while drunk. Just try not to make a habit of it. Going out for a drink and fun times with friends is what its all about. No memories were made by staying in. Enjoy yourself.

And now for the good stuff…drinking on a budget.

Remember, beggars cant be choosers, so if youre going to drink cheap you cant always get what you like. Sometimes you gotta plug your nose and take it down. Mixing drinks is bittersweet. I’m talking about a glass of wine and a pint of beer and a shot of vodka. Its gets you drunk faster but it also makes you blackout. Be careful about it. And I guarantee if you mix drinks your hangover will be ten times worse in the morning. A good tip for drinking cheaply is to buy a flask. Fill it up and drink at the club or at the bar. A drink is what, $6-$10? you can buy a bottle for that much and fill up your flask as well as pregame. Speaking of buying bottles, you may not like it, but if youre drinking cheap you gotta buy the cheap stuff. Its gross and it burns but its cheap and it gets the job done. One thing I learned, in the united kingdom theres this stuff called squash. Its not a vegetable. Its juice concentrate. you mix it with water to make juice. I mix the squash with the alcohol (because I like sweet stuff) and it makes it easier to drink but you also get the buzz you were looking for. If you can drink that cheap gin or vodka straight, go on ahead. But for the rest of you normal people who cant, try the alcohol and squash. Another way to drink cheap is to buy nips! buy some nips and stash them in your pockets or purse. get a soda or juice from the bar and when no ones looking add your nip. My local liquor store sells nips for $1 and the bar across the street has shirley temples for $1.75. Thats a three dollar drink instead of $6. Voila. Its not a sex on the beach or slippery nipple or kamikaze but it is a drink. When I was in Wales, we went out almost if not every friday night. Here is a list of my expenses:

Bottle of Gin 10 pounds (lasted for two weeks so 5 pounds really)

bottle of squash .80 pence

entry to the club 2 pounds, sometimes free

So for a night out I spent not even 8 pounds. In dollars thats about 12. Another good tip for drinking cheaply is bring cash with you. But bring a fixed amount! Sometimes when I had no money to spare, I only brought club entry with me. and then I just flirted to drink. Sometimes I would leave with only a five. One time I only had a twenty. I brought it thinking id only send five and I spent it all! Do not bring your credit card or your debit card. True story. I went out with a guy friend and he spent 200 pounds at the bar (thats $500!) and the drinks werent for him. He was so drunk he bought everyone a shot! Good for you but not good for him. Another true story, I met a famous football player (again in England) at a bar and he opened up a tab and bought everyones drink. He spend 1,500 pounds. So be careful. Dont bring your credit card. Be aware if customs and ways while drinking in different countries. I was at a bar with friends in Paris and the guys were all over me. Because thats their culture. Thats the way they are. Know how the culture is and act appropriately. A lot of places in Europe, like the UK, Germany, France, theyre all party places. But places like the middle east and asia arent as drinker friendly. Make sure not to get into too much trouble, it could cost you.

Lastly, hangovers. When youre young you can drink all you want and run a marathon the next day. Its not the same as you get older. Hangovers are brutal. Alcohol dehydrates you. Thats why you get sick and dizzy and headaches. So to prevent hangovers, make sure to eat. Before, during and after you drink. Sip water while drinking and chug some water before going to bed. Sometimes we’re too drunk or things happen and we cant always prevent a hangover. So if you wake up and youre miserable, here are some tips for getting through the hangover. Everyone is different. I know people who like greasy fast food for a hangover. Personally, I cant. Ginger ale, saltines or toast is a good one. Some people say a shower, bananas or coffee. One thats really worked for me are pedialyte popsicles. Pedialyte is make for little kids who are sick and dehydrated (essentially a hangover) If you drink the juice, its too much for your stomach and youll vomit everywhere. Where as the popsicle slowly gives you back the electrolytes and hydration you lost. If you cant get pedialyte popsicles I suggest sherbet or sorbet. Its water based, it has sugars and electrolytes. It wont make you puke (unless you eat it too fast). Thats my cure-all for hangovers. Sherbet. Sometimes youve just got to get it all out of your system. Being sick and throwing up sucks but once its all out, you can start to bounce back. hang in there. Its a toughie, hangover but youll get through it. thats all for now. Remember to have a good time, but be safe. Mommy and daddy arent around to protect you anymore. You do you but remember, the law is the law and not everyone is so nice.

Until next time.

Maddie out