20 Things you should never say to a person with tattoos:

  1. Whats the point of permanently putting something on your body? Why not just keep it in your heart? You’re right. What is the point of permanently putting something on my body. Instead of wearing wedding rings, we should just use the love in our hearts to show everyone the commitment and love we have for our partner.
  2. Why not just draw a picture of what you want and keep that forever? Why get married? Why not just draw a picture of the two of you together. It’s basically the same thing as making a lifelong commitment to something you love and have committed yourself to. 
  3. Aren’t you worried about getting a job with tattoos all over your body? Tattoos are becoming a socially acceptable norm. Tattoos have been around since the 20’s. Most employers don’t care, and if they do, they only want you to cover them up during work hours.
  4. How are you going to feel about those tattoos five or ten years from now? Or when you’re old? First of all, if something is important enough to be permanent on my body, I doubt it’s something I will be over in five or ten years. As for not liking my tattoo’s in old age, I’m pretty sure I will have much more pressing matters to worry about than whats on my skin. And with medical advancement, who knows what tattoo removal could be conjured up next.
  5. You’ll never find a husband/wife with those tattoos! Tattoo’s are actually a turn on among many of the people of my generation. A lot of people say they are attracted to a person with multiple tattoos.
  6. You’ll never get a good job with those tattoos! It’s becoming easier and easier to cover tattoos and job policies are adjusting with society and becoming more and more relaxed. Most employers ask that the tattoo’s are covered. It’s not as big of an issue as it used to be. 
  7. What will you say to your kids when they want to get a tattoo? The same thing I wish my parents had said to me; if that’s what you want, go for it. Just make sure you’re sure. And don’t follow the fads. Do it for you. 
  8. (For women:) What if you have a kid and childbirth ruins the area where the tattoo is? I’m pretty sure that when I am pushing a kid the size of a watermelon out of my vagina I won’t be concerned with my tattoos. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be too focused on my little bundle of joy to notice anything else. 
  9. I don’t usually like girls/guys with tattoos. Oh, thanks. You’re a saint. Would you like a cookie?
  10. But you’re so good looking! So do the tattoos enhance that or nah?
  11. I would never get a tattoo like that! Well it’s a good thing it’s not on your body isn’t it. 
  12. Okay, but what does it mean? Now personally, I love it when people ask me about my tattoos. But a lot of people don’t. Be careful about the can of worms you’re about to open. 
  13. (If the tattoo doesn’t mean anything:) So why’d you get it then? Because I can.
  14. What would your parents say? My parents hate tattoos. But it’s not their body. They don’t have to live with it. 
  15. Do you only date other people with tattoos? Do you only date idiots?
  16. Couldn’t you have spent your money on better things? Like what? My tattoos are important to me. Its art and it’s there forever. If its quality work it wont be cheap.
  17. Don’t you regret it? No! This is something I put time and effort into. And even if I did. Are you happy with every decision you’ve ever made?
  18. Isn’t it against the bible to get a tattoo? A lot of things are against the bible, like wearing mixed fabrics, divorce and shellfish. 
  19. Your tattoos will make you look like a felon. Martha Stewart looks is a felon but she certainly doesn’t ‘look like one’.
  20. I don’t like girls/guys with tattoos. Well its a good thing we’re not dating then.

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